Melbourne Museum

Renowned for its Project Management expertise and its long-term association with Imax Corporation, ESPM was appointed by the Melbourne Museum in Australia to oversee a major projection and audio systems upgrade that entailed sourcing and vetting tenders and quotes, drafting and performing risk analysis, SWMS ensuring compliance as well as designing and engineering access for equipment that were facing weight and size constraints.

Lumiere Australia Pty Ltd

Lumiere is a revolutionary & holistic approach to home cinema, beautiful in both form and function. Lumiere offers an unsurpassable movie experience in the privacy and comfort of your bespoke home theatre.

The Lumiere team is made up of an experienced group of designers, architects, engineers and craftsman with a passion for excellence. Team members bring their expertise and unique vision, playing a vital role in bringing your Lumiere home cinema experience to fruition.

With Lumiere, you will have a luxurious home cinema that is custom-designed by a team of world-class experts with fully imported components, exclusive hand-crafted speakers and cutting-edge projection, screen and sound systems.

ESPM will be supporting Lumiere Australia in their efforts to bring you an incomparable cinematic experience by providing project management know-how and logistical services throughout Asia.

Imax Corporation

For over 30 years, ESPM has been the preferred partner of Imax Corporation for technical solutions. This collaboration has since evolved into a specialised technical team providing services and installation know-how while applying the required Imax protocols. ESPM has also developed customised reports that presents effective analytical and trackable data when required.


Because of its experienced and highly skilled associates, ESPM was entrusted by Imax to provide key technical support with several high profile events organised in the Tokyo Dome and in the spectacular garden of Abu Dhabi's Royal Palace Hotel.


Imax (Shanghai) Multi Media Technology Co


In acknowledgment of our success with Imax Corporation, ESPM was contracted to set-up and supply installation services on an increasing scale, based on Imax Shanghai Multi-Media's growing needs.


As a result of accelerated growth and burgeoning enthusiasm for the Imax experience, the company required skilled and qualified manpower to meet demands. In recognition of the long-term & highly successful working relationship with Imax Corporation, ESPM was contracted to set-up and provide installation services with the capability to raise the scale of the operation based on the ever increasing demands for an immersive movie experience that only Imax can offer.

Vision Building Systems, LLC

Visions Building Systems is collaborating with ESPM to work on current and future projects requiring construction management.


ESPM will take responsibility of these projects from start to finish - from putting a crew together to logistics to pre-construction site visits and more. ESPM also provided Vision Building with specialized marketing expertise.

Event Cinemas New Zealand

ESPM was called in to work on a refurbishment and technical systems upgrade program that Event Cinemas undertook on one of their cinemas. Due to logistical difficulties and other challenges combined with a tight project time line, ESPM’s expertise came into play to ensure that the upgrade was completed in a timely manner and within budget.


With limited access and load restrictions, ESPM planned and implemented the delicate task of flying in certain equipment using a helicopter.  We also took charge of tasks such as custom clearance, delivery and removal of equipment as well as obtaining approvals from various councils and government agencies.

Old Mutual Properties

Old Mutual Property is one of the specialist boutiques within Old Mutual Investment Group (South Africa). They are specialists in Property Investments, Property Development and Property Management.


ESPM was contracted to render operational consultancy and provide technical solutions for the set-up of 3 new theaters the bank acquired from NedBank Ltd.


ESPM was again the vendor of choice to ensure the theatre equipment's contract compliance, removal and return when OMP decided to shut the theatres after a period of time in the interest of shifting business focus.


Recognising the growing popularity of Bollywood movies, Adlabs Films, a flourishing film lab & production company in India saw the perfect opportunity to bring the magic of Bollywood to international viewers.

Having already established their expansion program in Asia and USA, ESPM furnished Adlabs with a geographical feasibility study when the company decided to focus their attention on Australia with its large expatriate and multi-cultural community.

NedBank Ltd

NedBank is the banking subsidiary of NedBank Group Ltd, one of the four largest banking groups in South Africa.  NedBank took ownership of 3 new cinemas when the developer for whom NedBank was the financier, failed or was placed in liquidation.


ESPM was engaged to provide initial operational consultancy and technical solutions to NedBank after assuming control. Subsequently, when NedBank contracted the day-to-day operation of these cinemas to a third party, ESPM supplied continued maintenance recommendations and advised them on contract compliance.